Sunday, March 28, 2010

lab c

I felt really comfortable while teaching this time, and I was very surprised how fast the lesson went by. I think that everything went fairly well and the only thing I guess I really wanted to change was to have a smaller sided wheelchair game. I think I also need to make more defined cues so that I can have a clear demonstration. I didn't give as much feedback as I have in other lessons because I felt that I did more game play so I lost focus a little on giving feedback. I know I did pinpointing and sometimes I get confused and mistake pinpointing for demonstration. Overall I think this my best lesson plan yet even though I didn't get as many points on the time coding form, I had very close to the recommended percentages so I think i'm almost there. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to think of enough tasks on the list, but i realized that there are so many elements to wheelchair handball. For some reason I can't get my video to post I keep getting an error so for now these links will have to work:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lab B2


Well this was definitely by far my best lab yet, I have really shortened up my instruction and tried to maximize activity levels for the better. My time coding came was the best so far of the other lessons we have done. I keep getting more and more comfortable, the only thing that I am dissapointed about is that my lesson always gets cut short and rushed. I don't feel like a have enough time to fit everything in that I want to teach so I feel a little disorganized at some points. I have increased my feedback and the clearity of how I speak to the class. My transcription was so much easier to hear and understand than the last. I still need to do more congruent feedback and less of just saying "goog job". I am really looking forward for my next teaching lesson in the wheelchair because I haven't had any experience with that so far so it should be interesting.