Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 hours

For my 10 hours I chose to go to the YMCA and help out with family fun night. I think this was a good experience because children were playing DDR and I was able to become familiar with the game. This helped me because I ended up having to teach DDR for my final project. I gained experience with the game and I was able to help children play it by telling them which direction to step.

I also taught students about environmental issues, and helped them learn the seven "Leave No Trace Principals". By teaching these principals I helped to make an impact on students and in the future they can help make smarter choices and help conserve our environment. I also helped teach things such as predatory and pray relationships among animals to the students. In the group I taught, we had a girl in 6th who was visually impaired. We had to teach and make activities that were appropriate for the girl as well as her classmates. This was a huge challenge and my first experience with this type of disability in a classroom setting.

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