Sunday, February 14, 2010

lab A2 teaching


I thought the second time coding went much better. My percentages were not exactly what they were supposed to be and I felt as if I ran out of time to get my whole lesson taught. I felt more organized this time, but I think I tried to do too much in a short period of time, with too many instructions. I felt that I had more confidence and using techniques such as a hook, signal of attention, cues, and a demonstration I think I was able to give information in a more organized and useful way. I still need to work on creating more activity time to give the students as much exercise as possible. The more practice the better I will get and even after only the second time being taped I feel more relaxed already.

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  1. nice job on your blogs so far. Just remember to write as much detail as you remember so you can really be prepared for next time. Also try to put in more pictures that we take in class. We dont want any naked blogs.